Alexandra Boileau

Director of Operations, Associate Transfert Environnement et Société

Alexandra Boileau has been a Project Manager at Transfert Environnement et Société since 2014, and had been there since 2008 as a Project Manager. She provides advice, writes analyses, plans, facilitates and supervises citizen participation processes in different fields and contexts. It works mainly in the industrial sector.

Alexandra has fifteen years of experience in environmental relations, project management, and environmental project assessment. As Director and Partner at Transfert, she has participated in the development and supervision of dozens of public information and consultation processes and participatory mechanisms in the public, community and private sectors. It works with clients and stakeholders to improve projects and the continuous improvement of sites in operation through effective and multi-stakeholder dialogue.

Alexandra likes to take reflections on collaborative processes to another level, based on clear and ambitious goals. Diligent preparation, transparent communication and accountability guide its interventions to ensure effective participation. Her leadership skills are used to deploy precise, simple and popularized communication tools, in support of dialogue between the stakeholders involved.

Areas of expertise:

• Design of participatory processes and approaches to relations with the environment

• Good neighbourly relations and social management of nuisances

• Facilitation of committees and working groups

• Training and Preparation for Public Project Review (BAPE)

• Coordination, logistical and strategic organization of public meetings and events

• Development of communication tools and scientific popularization