Jean-François Jasmin

Project Manager and Facilitator, LLio - Open College Innovation Transfer Centre Cégep Rivière-du-Loup

Jean-François Jasmin is a project manager and open innovation facilitator at LLio. He acts as a trainer and guide in the planning, design, and management of user-centered design approaches. These have the particularity of facilitating the collaboration of actors to effectively identify the issues that engage them, to conceive and experiment with tracks and solution prototypes, and to assess different parameters supporting the adoption or rejection of innovations in the environments where users operate.

With a master's degree in tourism development from UQAM, he is particularly interested in the utility of these approaches to tackle challenges related to climate change. Through his ability to adapt open innovation processes according to emerging needs and ideas, Jean-François is said to be an unconventional facilitator, perhaps echoing his past as an adventure guide.