Martin Gilbert

Director of Investment Prospecting & Major Projects Promotion, Saguenay

Trained in ag-science at Laval University. Worked in agrifood development before becoming CEO and owner for 15 years of a company in the agri-food production and processing sector. A stint of a few years within the Union des Producteurs Agricoles (UPA), the Office des Producteurs de Plants Forestiers du Québec (OPPFQ) and the Producteurs Laitiers du Québec (PLQ) led him to the industrial, commercial and business development department at Promotion Saguenay, the economic development corporation of the City of Saguenay (Qc), department for which he assumed the interim management in 2020 before taking the lead of the Investment Prospecting and Major Projects Department. Seasoned developer with strong business acumen and a recognized ability to build bridges and create business opportunities.