Serge Bijimine

Assistant Deputy Minister, Policy, Transport Canada

Since becoming the Assistant Deputy Minister of Policy at Transport Canada in May 2021, Serge has taken on a critical leadership role in the development of policy, economic and environmental advice. In this capacity, Serge is responsible for developing and managing the transportation sector policy framework as well as oversight of the department’s portfolio of crown corporations and international and intergovernmental relations. Mr. Bijimine is also responsible for managing relationships with stakeholders in the air, marine and surface transportation sector. Serge has a strong track record of delivering results, driving innovation and problem-solving.

Before this, Serge was Associate Secretary General for a brief period and then Secretary General at the National Research Council (NRC). Previously, Serge held various senior executive positions, including at Environment and Climate Change Canada, where he oversaw a number of grants and contributions programs, mainly directed at incentivizing private sector companies to help address climate change. After joining the federal public service in 2005, Serge became an executive at the Treasury Board Secretariat and worked in the Economic as well as International Affairs, Security and Justice sectors.

He holds a Bachelor in Economics and Social Sciences from the University of Ottawa and a Master’s in Project Management from the Université du Québec en Outaouais.